Helping Pets Find Loving Homes!

This site was created to support shelters and fellow rescue groups efforts in placing homeless pets in good, loving and forever homes!

To sign up to use this site, you must have a valid email address and you must be approved by site administrator! Your email address will not be displayed on this site, sold or used for any other purpose!

Please read the following information carefully so that you understand how this site works before you signup. If you have any questions please email support@dnapets.org.

About the information on this site:

  • This site is to be used to post information about individuals that have been DNA'd by a shelter or rescue group and/or to post information about a pet owner that should be taken into consideration during the approval process of a potential adoption. Shelters and rescue groups have the right to deny adoption to anyone they feel will not be an appropriate pet owner or who has provided, what they believe is, misleading information during the evaluation process in order to adopt a pet.
  • The intent of this site is not to accuse anyone of being a bad pet owner or of committing a crime, but rather sharing of information that is to be used during the evaluation phase of a potential adoption. For example: If an individual is denied adoption because they leave their dog chained up outside, and even provide food water and shelter, this person has not committed a crime. Many shelters and rescues feel this type of environment is not in the best interest of a particular pet and will deny adoption to this individual. Posting "denied adoption" information such as this will allow others to make more informed decisions whether or not an applicant should be approved to adopt a particular pet.

Here is how the site works:

  • Using a valid email address, sign up to use the site.
  • Once you sign up and have been approved, you can view or enter DNA postings.
  • When viewing DNA postings, the actual posting detail will not be displayed. It will be emailed to you by clicking on the posting id. This is to ensure that the posting will only be viewed by users with valid email addresses.
  • DNA poster's email addresses will not be displayed on the posting! If you wish to contact the DNA poster for more information or to verify its accuracy, click on the "email DNA poster link" when viewing DNA's. A page will be presented allowing you to email the DNA poster questions about the posting. An email will be sent to the DNA poster from support@dnapets.org requesting that they contact you. Your question along with your email address will be emailed to the DNA poster so that they may respond to your questions.

Rules of the Site:

  • Be brief and specific with your DNA postings. Do not put information on this site that is useless and unjustified.
  • Information posted on this site is of the opinion or belief of the individual that posted it. Please use information wisely and verify all information for accuracy.
  • Examples of reasonable DNA postings - "Family moved and left dog", "Family has history of returning dogs", "Family has history of leaving dog outside in harsh or bad weather", "Individual is cruel or inhumane to animals", "Individual has given up animals multiple times", "Individual has severely neglected animals", "Family chains dog up outside for long periods ", "Individual is looking to breed or fight dogs" or "Family does not medically care for animals".
  • Example of unreasonable DNA postings - "Family kennels dogs while at work", "Family is gone 8 to 10 hours a day because of work","Family uses underground fencing".
  • All DNA's need to be valid reasons why a person was denied adoption or should not be considered for adoption in your opinion. Every shelter and rescue group has different opinions and rules of adoption. This site will not be used to debate adoption policies nor does this site state that an invidual should not be allowed to adopt.
  • Any postings that are found to be ridiculous or unreasonable will be removed immediately. If you continue to post unreasonable DNA's, your access will be removed.

Tips on how to use this information:

  • If you are evaluating a home for adoption, and that individual or family has been listed on this site, you should use this information to assist in your screening process. For example: DNA has been posted on an individual that indicates he has given up many pets. Do not say to the individual "Your application to adopt is denied because you are listed on dnapets.org as a person that gives up their animals", but rather question them about their pet history and ask questions such as "tell me about the animals you have had in the past", "have you ever had to re home an animal for any reason". Try to get them to openly discuss their pet ownership history and determine if the information on this site is accurate as a result of your questioning.
  • Also, make sure you check vet references and other references along with utilizing your screening experience and intuition to determine if a family is a good match for the pet you are placing.

Thank you for using dnapets.org!