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NOTE! - Sadly this site was hacked and data was destroyed. BUT, WE ARE BACK UP AND GOING AND SECURE! If you had an account, it mostly will need to be set up again. So, please use the sign up link and sign back up. If you have DNA records you would like for me to import back into this system, please email the files/data to support@dnapets.org. My deepest apologies to you all that use this site to help place loving animals into safe homes. Network solutions, which hosts this site, did not upgrade their servers and my site was vunderable to being hacked. That has been corrected, but sadly, data/DNA postings have been lost. Thank you for your patience and thank you for using the site. If you had post DNA's in the past please repost them or email data to support@dnapets.org and I will import for you. Thank you all for all you do for the homeless pets!
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